QVC ( Greenfingers Garden Re-Leaf Shows) - Television Shopping Channel

Event Details

Company name: QVC

Event Date: Saturday 18th March 2017 Event Time 9.00am – 11.00am

Event Date:Sunday 19th March 2017 Event Time: 9.00am – 11.00am

Event Location:  National TV – QVC Channel

Event Details: Greenfingers founder and QVC presenter Richard Jackson will be joined by Pipa Gordon (Saturday), and Katy Pullinger (Sunday), selling products in aid of Greenfingers.

#gluvies Campaign

James Wong gets his #Gluvies on!

Show your support for Greenfingers by donning a pair of green-fingered gloves and posting a picture of yourself to raise awareness for Garden Re-Leaf Day.

Using hashtag gluvies (#gluvies), join the Briers Ltd team who are helping to raising funds and raising awareness of Garden Re-Leaf Day by posting gardening glove photographs on Twitter and Facebook.

Let’s see how far around the world the  #gluvies can get!



Garden Re-Leaf Day Walk

Event Details

  • Choose to walk 20 miles – or 10 miles depending on your fitness level
  • Both routes will take in Cambridge University Botanic gardens, Jesus College and the River Cam
  • Sponsored by Scotsdales GC, starting at Horningsea and finishing at Gt Shelford – but more sponsors are needed for water, snacks, T-shirts and hi-vis vests!
  • Surprise challenges and an added element of fun will make this year an unforgettable challenge!

Date: 17.03.16
Event Time: 9.00am
Event Name: Garden Re-Leaf Walk 2017

Event Location:

Scotsdales Horningsea, Cambridge, CB25 9JG

Contact Details:

Contact Name: Kate Ebbens
Contact Email:
Company Website:
Contact Phone: 01440713704

Event Details:

Over 50 walkers have signed up – including the team from Cadix.  To sponsor the team, please visit