Garden Re-Leaf Day is Greenfingers annual fundraising event in which its supporters come together to raise funds for Greenfingers Charity.

Held on March 17th, Greenfingers Garden Re-Leaf Day is a golden opportunity to kick start the gardening season and support Greenfingers through a variety of different fundraising activities.

Since Garden Re-Leaf Day began we have seen quiz nights in garden centres, cake baking, sponsored walks, schools activities, QVC fundraising and last year for the first time 24 hour Plant-athons taking place around the country.

Thanks to all those who took part in Garden Re-Leaf 2016 a whopping £140,000 was raised.

Click here to see the difference, with your help, Greenfingers gardens make to children, families and carers in hospices.

Thank you!

Benefits to YOUR business:

  • Kick start the season whatever the weather
  • Increase footfall just before
  • Increase sales income and prolong the peak season
  • Fantastic customer engagement opportunity
  • Great staff team building activity which helps to boost staff morale
  • Gain great local and national PR
  • It’s a great chance to raise money for a good cause!

Benefits of a Greenfingers Garden:

  • Greenfingers is dedicated to supporting children and young people who spend time  in hospices
  • Time spent outdoors, away from the bedside, can bring huge benefits to children and families under considerable stress
  • Greenfingers gardens provide a safe and protective environment away from the rigours of daily care
  • All gardens are designed by experts, fully wheelchair accessible and inclusive for all children to enjoy

Now what will you be doing on Friday 17th March 2017?

Register today to be part of Greenfingers Garden Re-Leaf Day.